Our Riga Meadow Story

Riga Meadow Equestrian Center was started in May, 2004. Linda Bushnell, a long time horse professional and Jackie Merwin, a long time business woman joined together to start Riga Meadow. Together, with many devoted horse owners, friends and supporters, on such an incredible property, Riga Meadow was born.



Linda Bushnell - Managing Partner, Trainer & Instructor.


Linda is Riga Meadow’s primary trainer and instructor. Linda has been an owner and instructor of an equestrian facility for over 30 years, most recently the spectacular Riga Meadow Equestrian Center.

As a junior rider, Linda competed in the Hunter and Jumper ‘A” circuit, and evented through training level. Among her accomplishments, she has students that have risen to Grand Prix Jumper and high level eventing. Linda is most well known for her riding programs for children and adults, a great teacher helping riders achieve ambitious goals as well as teaching safe riding and quality horse care.

For most of her professional career, Linda has been an officer and dedicated member of the Lakeville Pony Club, part of the USPC.

Linda is a life-long lover of horses and is committed to quality horse care and making Riga a fun, happy place to be for horse and rider! She supervises and coordinates the care of horses and is responsible for overall barn management. She provides daily lessons to adults and children, and exercises and trains horses on behalf of their owners. Linda is always accompanied by her German shephard,.

Becky Daddona- Barn Manager

Horse crazy from a young age, Becky started working with horses at nine years old. She later joined the Litchfield Pony Club where she graduated with her C-2 rating. She pursued horses through college, taking courses in equine sciences and equestrian facilitated therapeutics.

At the age of twenty-two, Becky bought her first Icelandic horse. Because of her fascination with the Icelandic horses and the culture, she traveled to Iceland where she learned the language.

Becky has been at Riga Meadow since April 2007 and is responsible for the day-to-day care of the horses including, feeding, medical care, and some teaching and riding. She and Linda work closely together to ensure the horses have the best care possible. Becky lives on the property with her husband Mike, their two dogs, a cat and two Icelandic horses,

Dave Hubert- Farm & Facilities Manager

Dave is Riga’s Farm & Facilities Manager, responsible for maintaining the beautiful grounds and repairs.  Dave joined Riga in 2006, and is loved by all, fellow professionals, riders, boarders and horses!  Dave lives on the property.

Dean Davidson- Facilities Management, Course Design and Construction

Dean Davidson manages the facilities at Riga, maintaining the barns, paddocks and equipment.  He designed and constructed the cross country course and fences, including the water complex.  Dean’s primary business enterprise is Dean Davidson Construction located in Salisbury.

Jackie Merwin - Partner

Jackie is the business partner, one of the USEA event coordinators,  party / event planner, and flower arranger. She too, is committed to supporting Riga’s fabulous atmosphere, supporting Olympian-level clinics, and professional events. Jackie is involved in business located in the town, and has served on several Town Committees and Boards.  Her favorite horse, Copper, resides at Riga.

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